What's New in Aiveo 1.14


Aiveo version 1.14 was released today. In this release, time metrics are now shown on the project dashboard and a default assignee can be specified for work items.

Time Metrics

There are now several time metrics displayed on the project dashboard including total estimate, actual time spent, estimated remaining time, and a percentage of the total estimate that has already been consumed.

Work Item Default Assignee

A default assignee for work items can now be specified for projects and work item type. When a work item is created or its type is changed, the assignee field will be set to the default assignee for that project or work item type. For additional information, check out the documentation.

Time Summary Grand Total

A sum of all of the time spent is now displayed at the bottom right of the time summary table.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on Aiveo! If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.