What's New In Aiveo 1.27


Aiveo version 1.27 was released today. In this release, both the work item list and board are now accessed using the "Work Items" link in the menu bar. Additionally, we made minor improvements to project creation and renamed "portal" to organization.

What's New In Aiveo 1.24


Aiveo version 1.24 was released today.  In this release, we added a tags column to the "Work Items" page, and an objective filter and delete quick action to the "Work Items" and "Board" pages. We also made it easier to edit time logs, and have removed the concept of clients.

What's New In Aiveo 1.23


Aiveo version 1.23 was released today.  In this release, we added a filter for showing work items that are not tagged and more milestone statistics on the milestones page.