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From planning, to working, to reporting, Aiveo has you covered from the beginning to the end of your project. Aiveo is a simple, customizable issue tracker for teams of all sizes.

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Aiveo - Dashboard
Work Items

Manage and track issues with Aiveo's work items. Filter and sort based on attributes such as type, priority, and estimated time. Finding an issue is simple with Aiveo's search feature.

Time Tracking

View and update the hours spent on each issue with time sheets. Monitor progress on a week-by-week basis.


Monitor projects with Aiveo's dashboard. Track progress with the burndown chart. View the status of every issue in the current milestone.

A simple, customizable issue tracker
Task Board

View items in a simple and clean task board. Perfect for visualizing their state.


Organize issues into milestones. Track the progress of the current milestone with the burndown chart. Adjust milestone dates to suit your team's development practices.

Customizable Workflows

Aiveo lets you customize your workflow. Add custom issue types with their own sets of states. Adjust notification preferences to make sure Aiveo only sends emails when you want them.


Manage your project's requirements, user stories, or goals with objectives. Objectives are a simple way to group your work items and track the progress of your project's high level goals.

Git Integration

Comment on items, update their state, or log time in Git commit comments. Simplify your development process with Aiveo.

Mobile Support

Aiveo is a simple issue tracker that is not only designed for desktops, but also tablets and phones. Pages resize naturally and controls adjust to suit the device you're using.

A simple issue tracker with a clean interface
A simple issue tracker with a clean interface
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