Aiveo 2.2 Released


Today we've released Aiveo 2.2!  The major feature in this release is a new planning board for organizing and scheduling work into milestones.

Planning Board

We have introduced a planning page, accessible from the project side menu, to make it easier to organize work items into milestones and plan out your project.  This page has a work item board that allows you to drag work items from the backlog into any of your project's open milestones.  The milestone list page, previously accessible from the side menu, is now accessible by clicking the "view all milestones" link in the top right corner of the planning page.

Milestone Target Date

The "date" field on milestones has been renamed to "target date" to better capture the intent of this field.

Close Milestones

When you consider a milestone to be completed, you can now mark them as "closed" from the planning board or the milestone list page.  Closed milestones do not show up on the planning board and the date that they were closed is displayed next to the target date on the milestone list page.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on Aiveo!  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this release let us know.