What's New In Aiveo 1.27


Aiveo version 1.27 was released today. In this release, both the work item list and board are now accessed using the "Work Items" link in the menu bar. Additionally, we made minor improvements to project creation and renamed "portal" to organization.

Moved Work Item Board To Work Items Page

The work item board is now accessible from the work items page next to the search bar rather than from the menu bar as illustrated below.

Additionally, your last chosen work item view (either the list or board) is remembered for the next time you visit the work items page.

New Project Improvements

The project prefix is now automatically determined when creating a new project for your organization. The prefix can still be changed manually when editing the project settings.  Additionally, the default work item type for new projects is now "Task" rather than feature and the initial work item number has been removed.

Portal Renamed to Organization

Portal has been renamed to "Organization" because in addition to being a more easily understandable term, it better describes how the information in Aiveo is organized.  For example, within the organization menu, you access your users, projects, and billing information that is specific to your company or group. 

Time Log Page Removed

The time log page has been removed from the "Time" menu because it didn't provide any additional information about time spent that the other pages didn't already provide. Updating time spent on work items can still be performed using the timesheet page or from the individual work item's view page.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on Aiveo! For the next few releases, the focus is going to be on making improvements to the user experience for the existing functionality. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.