What's New In Aiveo 1.20


Aiveo version 1.20 was released today.  In this release, we replaced the project specific dashboard page with a portal dashboard page that encompasses all of your projects.  We have also made some changes to our pricing plans.

Portal Dashboard

We have replaced the project dashboard with a portal dashboard page to show the high level status of all projects in your portal.  From this page you can see upcoming milestones, work items assigned to you, incomplete work items due within the next 5 days, and new work items created in the last day.  In addition, it shows the time spent on your portal's work items over the last 7 days and a graph of work items created vs closed over the last 30 days.  If you would like to visit the old project dashboard page, it is still accessible from the project drop down in the top menu bar. 

Plan Changes

In this release, we have changed our pricing plans from the old named plans to basic, pro, and enterprise.  Visit the pricing page for more details on the new plans.  Existing customers will still remain on their current plans with no change.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on Aiveo!  If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.