What's New in Aiveo 1.9.0


Aiveo version 1.9.0 was released today.  It introduces due dates for work items, showing/hiding columns on the work items grid, and work item quick actions and filtering on the mobile website.

Due Dates

Work items now have an optional due date.  On the dashboard page, incomplete work items that have a due date within the next 5 days are shown under the Due Soon section.

Show & Hide Work Item Columns

On the work item grid, you can now change which columns are visible so that only the information important to you is shown.  To change the visible columns, use the drop down located in the top left corner of the work item grid as shown below.

Work Item Quick Actions on Mobile

 You can now edit, log time to, watch, and unwatch work items directly from the mobile work items page.

Work Item Filtering on Mobile

The mobile work items page now uses the same filters as the desktop version of the site.

Change History

The change history of Aiveo is now accessible directly from the  menu.  

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on Aiveo! If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.