What's New in Aiveo 1.10.0


Aiveo version 1.10.0 was released today.  With this release, users can now edit and delete work item comments and see when a work item was last modified.

Edit & Delete Work Item Comments

Comments can now be edited or deleted from a work item.  An email notification is sent to those watching the work item to notify them of the change.  To edit or delete a comment, select the appropriate action from the comment's  drop down menu.  At the moment, any user that can view a work item is allowed to edit and delete comments.

See When a Work Item was Last Modified

The time when a work item was last modified is now visible in the work item edit window and can be optionally shown on the work item grid by selecting it from the visible column drop down menu.

Due Date Change Notifications

When a work item's due date is changed, an email notification is now sent to those watching the work item.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on Aiveo! If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.