Aiveo 2.1 Released


Today we've released Aiveo 2.1!  The major features in this release are a collapsible side menu and activity filtering.

Collapse/Expand Side Menu

The side menu can now be collapsed/expanded on demand using the button located just to the right of the top menu logo as shown below.

Whether or not the side menu is collapsed or expanded is now remembered as you navigate to other pages in Aiveo.

Project Activity Filters

The changes made to work items shown on activity page can now be filtered by time period, user, type, or action.

Bigger Kanban Board 

The work item kanban board now fills the entire content area to the right of the side menu and below the top menu.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on Aiveo!  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this release let us know.