Aiveo 2.0 Released


Today we've released Aiveo 2.0!  The major change in this release is improved navigation which uses both a top and side menu.  Other changes include the addition of project activity and report pages.


The biggest change to the navigation was in the introduction of the side menu.  The left side menu shows actions that used to be on the top menu.  To reduce clutter, only actions that relate to what you are doing are shown on the left (i.e.: you won't see organization level actions when managing a project).  Switching projects and organizations has been moved to the left side of the top menu. 

Project Activity

Starting from version 2.0, you are now able to see detailed changes made to work items from the activity page.  This page can be accessed from the side menu when viewing an individual project.  As of this release, it will show the last 7 days of changes and who made them.


Report pages have been added for both organizations and individual projects.  The project time spent and burndown reports can now be accessed from the reports page when viewing an individual project.  In addition, the reporting information that used to be on the dashboard has been moved to the reports page.


With the release of Aiveo 2.0 we have updated our pricing plan. Aiveo's functionality has expanded greatly since launch - to help build it into the best project management solution for our customers, we have decided to remove the free tier. New customers can try out Aiveo free for 14 days. 

Note:  Organizations that have already been created do not have to change to the new pricing plan and will remain on their current plan.

Git Commands Removed

Git commands have been removed as of this release so that we can keep Aiveo focused on helping organizations in any industry manage their projects.  The original idea of git commands was to make it easy for programmers to update work items when their code was committed to source control, but it wasn't intuitive or easy to use.  We are still considering new functionality that would let organizations update their projects but it would be in a form that was more generic and reusable, such as a REST API.

So What's Next?

In the coming weeks, the plan is to continue making improvements to the new project activity page by adding filtering, making the side menu collapsible on demand, and improving the reporting and planning functionality.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on Aiveo!  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this release let us know.